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World's Finest Catalog
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World's Finest Catalog
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World's Finest Catalog
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  • 45% Profit

  • Selling Price: $7 - $8

  • FREE SUPPLIES: 4 page Color Flyer with Order Form


  • Shipping: $95 Flat Charge


  • 1 CASE MINIMUM ORDER PER ITEMS (15 boxes per case) 


  • DELIVERY:  within 10 Business Days

  • PAYMENT: Schools are given 30 day terms; Non school groups can pay with check or card.

  • THE PROCESS: Order your pre-sale brochures for each participant and take orders for about 2 weeks. When complete, enter the orders into a excel tally sheet. Email us the tally sheet, we will place your order. Orders deliver in 10 school days. (Example: If you need 10 boxes of chocolate almonds, you will order 1 case and thus receive 15 boxes…leaving 5 leftover to sell.)

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