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Shopper Catalogs by Believe Kids

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Fall 2024 Catalog
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Spring 2024 Catalog
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Fall 2024 High Profit




  • ​FREE SHIPPING for orders shipped to school

  • Online orders of $99+ get FREE SHIPPING.  Below $99 incurs ‘tier based’ shipping charge (see below).   Orders ship direct to the supporters requested address.

  • Online orders where the supporter opts to have order shipped to the school = 5% of retail fee (this is to cover card processing fees; example: $50 order would have a $2.50 shipping charge)


  • ONLINE STORE EARNS 40% PROFIT: Reach friends and family nationwide with our online store! We also give away $25,000 worth of prizes per year to those kids that play our instant winner game and send out 10 emails  to friends and family!


  • NO MONEY UPFRONT - There is absolutely no cost to start this program. You order your presale brochures for each participant, take orders, send in order in our Prepaid envelope, we tally, run reports and we pack per student. This is a NO RISK FUNDRAISER.


  • ORDERS ARE PACKED PER STUDENT: Yes, not only do we tally for you, we pack per student/classroom with prizes included! Packed per seller; boxed by classroom.


  • DELIVERY: Order is guaranteed to ship within 3 weeks from date order is received (transit time about 3-5 days once ships)

  • PAYMENT: Schools are given 30 day terms; Non school groups can pay with check or card.



  • FREE PRIZE PROGRAM:  FREE!  3 options: Accumulative Chart, 2% Cash Back & Custom Created options. We provide FULL COLOR HUGE PRIZE POSTERS FREE to hang around the school! 

  • FREE DAILY INCENTIVES: This is for school wide sales that gives kids a DAILY incentive. This creates  excitement during the sale. We offer animal/critter collectibles which can be combined daily drawing Prizes and more. 

  • FREE TEACHER INCENTIVES If a teacher has 50% participation in the classroom, they get to spend $50.00 in the catalog!  We know it take everyone to create excitement.

  • SELLER PACKETS provide a full color envelope and come “pre-stuffed” with catalog, order form and parent letter.



  • FREE for sales that reach $8 per catalog ordered

  • Sales below $8 per catalog sold incurs a minimum fee of .75 cents per catalog ordered.

  • Example for group of 50:  must reach $400 in sales; catalog fee would be $37.50

  • Example for group of 100:  must reach $800 in sales; catalog fee would be $75.00

  • Example for group of 500:  must reach $4,000 in sales; catalog fee would be $375.00


  • EXTRA 1% PREPAYMENT: Send in half of the money collected with your orders and get an extra 1% off your invoice amount!


Elementary Prize Program
Middle Prize Program
Shopper Catalogs by Believe Kids
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Shopper Catalogs by Believe Kids
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