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Sweet Treats Catalog

The best of Non-Frozen foods such as popcorn, peanut brittle (many unique flavors), snack, candy,

Jelly Belly and Soups.​

Gourmet Non-Frozen Foods by Believe Kids
Info Brochure

Sweets & Treats

  • 40% Profit


  • Selling Price: $10 - $19


  • FREE SELLER PACKETS: Order forms, envelopes and parent letter




  • ORDERS ARRIVE PACKED PER STUDENT.  Yes, not only do we tally for you, we pack per student/classroom with prizes included! Packed per seller; boxed by classroom.


  • DELIVERY: Order is guaranteed to ship within 3 weeks from date order is received (transit time about 4-5 days once ships)



  • PAYMENT: Schools are given 30 day terms; Non school groups can pay with check or card.


  • THE PROCESS: Order your presale brochures for each participant and take orders for about 2 weeks. When complete, send off your order forms in our Prepaid envelope. We tally, run reports and we pack your orders per student. This is a NO RISK FUNDRAISER.


  • EXTRA 1% PREPAYMENT: Send in half of the money collected with your orders and get an extra 1% off your invoice amount!


  • ONLINE STORE: Reach friends and family nationwide with our online store! We also give away $25,000 worth of prizes per year to those kids that play our instant winner game and sent out 10 letters to friends and family!


  • ADD A FLYER: You can add one additional Believe brochure to this fundraiser, Choose from Otis or Jelly Belly

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