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Simply Good

Simply Good

Chocolate, Snacks, and Popcorn ALL ITEMS ONLY $7, $8 and $9.

· Up to 40% Profit (if sales are less than $10/flyer ordered, profit is 35% and cost of supplies/shipping will be charged)

· Selling Price: $7 - $9. Features Boxed Chocolates, Snacks and Popcorn. 


· FREE SELLER PACKETS: Order forms, envelopes and parent letter




· ORDERS ARRIVE PACKED PER STUDENT.  We tally the orders for you AND pack       orders per student.


· DELIVERY: Order is guaranteed to ship within 3 weeks from date order is received     (transit time is 1-2 days once ships)



· PAYMENT: Schools are given 30 day terms; Non school groups can pay with check   or card.


· THE PROCESS: Order your presale brochures for each participant and take orders     for about 2 weeks. When complete, send off your order forms in our Prepaid             envelope. We tally, run reports and we pack your orders per student. This is a NO     RISK FUNDRAISER.

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