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Tervis Tumbler
Tervis Tumblers Catalog


Receive $250 in FREE promotional items


Only requires a minimum of 25 items sold b/w catalog and online sales


Chairperson chooses products... for themselves and/or students/incentives:

- Top sellers

- Teachers

- Principals

- Raffle for those that sells 5 items... in $25 increments (or any amount) or Each gets a Turves Tumbler

  • 40% Profit


  • SELLING PRICES: $6 to $25


  • FREE Catalogs and Order Forms with every fundraiser




  • Total $ Sale                              Shipping Fee

    • $0.00-$249.00                     $30.00 Flat Rate

    • $250.00-$499.00                 $50.00 Flat Rate

    • $500.00-$4,999.00              8.0% capped at $250.00

    • Sales Over $5,000.00          FREE SHIPPING

  • FREE Individual Pre-Pack for all orders 


  • DELIVERY: Order ships within 3-5 weeks from receipt of order forms AND final payment received (or school PO)




  • PAYMENT: Schools can submit Purchase Orders with Net 30 days terms. Non-school groups can pay with a credit card or check


  • THE PROGRAM: Order your pre-sale catalogs and order forms for each participant and run your fundraiser for 2-3 weeks (recommended). When complete, send your order forms to company. They tally your orders and pack them by student. This is a NO RISK FUNDRAISER.


  • ONLINE FUNDRAISER: Reach out to your friends and family across the country and increase your profit and reach with online sales. Promote your online fundraiser on social media.

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