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Fall 2021 Lookbook
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Spring 2021 Catalog
  • Earn 40% profit ​

  • Virtual Ordering

  • Personalized Online Fundraiser Page: Your Group Name on home page

  • No Orders to Tally: Parent letter directs supporters online

  • No Money to Collect: Supporters pay online; all cards accepted

  • No Product to Distribute: Orders ship direct to address supporter request


  • Students earn prizes too: Prizes ship to the school after sale is complete


  • Boon mails your organization a check for 40% profit 2 weeks after end date

  • LEVEL 6 ON THE PRIZE PROGRAM... LEARN ABOUT CONNOR FIELDS:   Here is the link to Connor’s appearance on the Today Show


  • Towards the end of the segment, Hoda mentioned a letter that Connor wrote to his parents thanking them for all of their support. Here is the link to that letter

Prize Programs 
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Prize Program -


Information Sheets

Why Boon Supply?

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Fundraising Agreement Form 2021/2022