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La-Tee-Da Candles & Cutting Boards

  •  50% Profit for orders $2,400 or more


  •  40% Profit  for orders up to $2,399


  • Selling Price: $10, $15 & $20

  • 72 items to choose from:  highly fragrant 3-Wick Candles ($20), Mason Jar Candles ($15), and Classic Jar Candles, 2-Pack Wax Melts, Diffuser Aroma Oils, Room Sprays, and Bath Salts (all  $10)




  • FREE SHIPPING for orders with $200 in Retail Sales or greater. ($15 Shipping Fee for orders less than $200 Retail)




  • DELIVERY: Orders ship within 5 business days from date payment is received.  (transit time is 2-5 days once shipped)


  • PAYMENT: Organizations can pay with Credit Card, check or Money Order. Public Schools are given 30-day terms upon receipt of Purchase Order.


  • THE PROCESS: Order your pre-sale brochures for each participant and take orders for about 2 weeks. When complete, enter your orders online by student. Orders arrive packed by student. This is a NO RISK FUNDRAISER.

  • Order Deadline for Winter Break delivery is Friday, December 6th

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